Dairy Good – Guest post by WCU dietetic intern Caitlyn Lance

Have you ever been in the dairy section and wondered how all of the cow’s milk got onto the shelf? How about where store brand milk is produced? Does milk actually contain antibiotics? I was able to receive the answers to those questions and many more by getting an inside look at MILKCO, a local… Continue reading Dairy Good – Guest post by WCU dietetic intern Caitlyn Lance

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Would You Rob a Bank to Buy a Bag of Candy?

  One of the extreme statements you might see floating around the internet  is something along the lines of “sugar is addictive” or going even further, “Sugar is addictive as cocaine!”.  I’m not going to write that we should all be shoveling sugar by the spoonful, despite Mary Poppins’ advice about taking medicine.  I’m also not one to… Continue reading Would You Rob a Bank to Buy a Bag of Candy?


(Predictions) 2017 Top Trends/Fads in Foods

Each year seems to bring signature flavors and “hot” new products and the trending vegetable.  Let’s take a look at a couple of the food trends and fads we could see in 2017. FLAVOR – Still looking for coconut and sea salt flavored chocolate bars, popcorn,  or beverages?  You are SO last year…while those flavors… Continue reading (Predictions) 2017 Top Trends/Fads in Foods


Dirty Boots and the Basics of Beef

When you visit a cattle ranch, even if it’s in North Carolina,  you need to plan to wear boots.  The short, cute leather boots I was wearing when I visited Ridgefield Farm in Brasstown, North Carolina were probably not the best choice.  To make matters worse, the unseasonably warm fall weather compounded by the drought made it very dry and… Continue reading Dirty Boots and the Basics of Beef


Tools of a Tomato Titan – Toothbrush and Tweezers

Who are your heroes? A politician, a celebrity, an author, an athlete, a religious figure?  For many Western North Carolina tomato growers,  their hero is an unassuming tomato researcher by the name of Dr. Randolph(“Randy”) Gardner https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/fletcher/staff/rgardner/.  About three years ago I interviewed local tomato grower, William Shelton of Shelton Family Farm in Whittier, NC.http://buildupdietitians.blogspot.com/search?q=shelton#!/2014/07/farmer-story-1-walking-through-fields.html… Continue reading Tools of a Tomato Titan – Toothbrush and Tweezers


It’s Flowers not Flour

  Flowers Foods may be a name that’s unfamiliar to you, but this is the company that markets Nature’s Own breads and owns bakery brands and products such as Tastykake, Cobblestone Bread Co., Wonder and Sunbeam bread,  and the more recently acquired, Dave’s Killer Breads.  In total, Flowers Foods owns more than 20 brands and operates 49 bakeries across the United… Continue reading It’s Flowers not Flour