Podcast – Tribal Grounds Coffee

Leah talks with Natalie Smith from Tribal Grounds Coffee that roasts, packs their coffee on tribal land in Whittier, NC. http://www.coffeewithculture.com/

Podcast – Alan Muskat

Leah talks with about edible plants and foraging for food Alan Muskat author of Wild Mushrooms: A Taste of Enchantment. http://notastelikehome.org/alan/

Podcast – Ally’s Bar

Leah talks with Ally Murphy from Ally’s Bar, all-natural, gluten free bars. https://allysbar.com

Podcast – Edible Asheville

Leah talks with  Edible Asheville Magazine’s publisher Tennile Tracy and managing editor Mark Essig about what makes Asheville so special and what will be featured in the magazine.

Podcast – Eat More Bakery

Leah talks with Rebekah Abrams owner of Eat More Bakery a gluten-free bakery in Asheville, NC. https://eatmorebakery.com

Podcast – Tractor Food and Farms

Leah talks with Robin Smith director of Tractor Food and Farms a local non-profit food hub in Burnsville, NC that aggregates produce from various local farms into one facility helping farmers in getting their products into the market.  http://tractorfoodandfarms.com

Podcast – Unicoi Preserves

Leah talks with owners and founders Clark and Suzy Neal of Unicoi Preserves – https://unicoipreserves.com

Podcast – Greg Jaffe

Leah talks with Greg Jaffe The Director of the Project on Biotechnology for The Center for Science in the Public Interest a consumer advocacy and education organization. www.cspinet.org about online misinformation and the importance of knowing that the information you read online comes from reputable sources.

Podcast – The History of Food

Leah Talks with Rachel Laudan food historian and author of Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History about the history of food. www.rachellaudan.com

Podcast – Munki Food Company

Leah talks with Gretchen Brown owner of Munki Food Company that produces globally inspired trail mixes and nuts. www.munkifoodcompany.com