Podcast – Meredith Leigh

Leah talks with Meredith Leigh author of “The Ethical Meat Handbook: Complete Home Butchery, Charcuterie and Cooking.” www.mereleighfood.com

Podcast – Michele Miller – The Farm Babe

Leah talks with Michele Miller from Northeast Iowa who is active on social media and is known as the Farm Babe (www.farmbabe.org). She works to help consumers to understand the world of agriculture and farming. They discuss the truths, misunderstandings and myths of farming.

Podcast – Old Mule Sauce

Leah talks with Steve Modlin from Old Mule Sauce (www.oldmule.com). Old Mule is a small family business specializing in unique BBQ-Marinade-Dipping Sauce. They cook their Old Mule Sauce on their family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

Podcast – Cause Matters

Leah talks with Michele Payn of Cause Matters ( www.causematters.com ) an organization that educates people about farming and gives farmers a voice. Known as one of North America’s leading experts in connecting farm and food, she serves as a resource for people around the plate. Michele encourages all of her clients and audiences to find people’s hot… Continue reading Podcast – Cause Matters

Podcast – Tribal Grounds Coffee

Leah talks with Natalie Smith from Tribal Grounds Coffee that roasts, packs their coffee on tribal land in Whittier, NC. http://www.coffeewithculture.com/

Podcast – Alan Muskat

Leah talks with about edible plants and foraging for food Alan Muskat author of Wild Mushrooms: A Taste of Enchantment. http://notastelikehome.org/alan/

Podcast – Ally’s Bar

Leah talks with Ally Murphy from Ally’s Bar, all-natural, gluten free bars. https://allysbar.com

Podcast – Edible Asheville

Leah talks with  Edible Asheville Magazine’s publisher Tennile Tracy and managing editor Mark Essig about what makes Asheville so special and what will be featured in the magazine.

Podcast – Eat More Bakery

Leah talks with Rebekah Abrams owner of Eat More Bakery a gluten-free bakery in Asheville, NC. https://eatmorebakery.com